Connect With Us

The UVicSSD provides several services to better assist students with disabilities throughout the University campus. Below are the provided services and assistance programs offered by the SSD. Please feel free to contact the SSD for more information regarding these services.

Office Services

Office services provided by the SSD include printing, copying and scanning as well as distribution of information around campus regarding appropriate events and activities. 

Adaptive Technology

The SSD provides assistance with adaptive technology including:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Wivik
  • Kurzweil
  • CCTV Scan Reader (includes a portable reader that can be lent out)

University Navigation

Online and in person support is provided by the SSD to students requiring assistance navigating the University campus.

University Processes

The SSD provides information regarding University processes relating to medical withdrawals, options for accommodation and accessibility, and other campus resources students may need.

Additional Support

Advocacy is provided to students with disabilities who require assistance speaking with faculty and staff and writing letters for support. The SSD is also currently vying for additional space in the SUB for UVic students with disabilities looking for a community resource space and a safe space for confidential and private meetings and making phone calls.