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Getting Creative: Strategies vs. Accommodations at Work

Asking for a formal accommodation is certainly one option for getting the support you need to be more effective at work. However, there are numerous compensatory strategies that you can put in place when you don't want to disclose your disability or you don't want to make a formal request of your employer. From assistive technology to work space changes to lifestyle modifications, come hear experts representing various disabilities discuss the mechanisms they have put in place at work to help them be more productive. Bring your questions and ideas!

Monday April 7th at 8pm EST: Tele-panel for Network members with learning disabilities and other less obvious disabilities. Leading the panel is Steve Walker; President and CEO of New England Wood Pellet LLC is a self-taught engineer and entrepreneur. Steve is recognized as an international leader in the field of renewable energy. He will be joined by other Lime Network members including Elliott Swartz and Lime Fellowship Alum 2011 Sara Mehfoud.

To register please log into The Lime Network and to the Professional Development page.

Wednesday April 16th at 8pm EST: Tele-panel for Network members with mobility, hearing, vision, stuttering and other more obvious disabilities.
Leading the panel will be Jack Chen (Lime Board member and Patent Attorney at Google), Nate Walcker (Lime Board member, student at Columbia Business
School) and Seth Kramer (VP Corporate Services & Real Estate at Goldman Sachs). They will be joined by other Lime Fellowship Alumni, Dan Hefley, Galym Imanbayev and Mike Foster.

To register please log into The Lime Network and to the Professional Development page.

Lime Connect, Inc.
590 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, New York 10022

Lime Connect
2 Bloor Street, West
Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R1
Visit to learn more!

Kind regards,

Liana Robinson
SSD Office Coordinator
Phone: 250 472 5397 Email: UVic Student's Society, University of Victoria SSD Room B106, PO Box 3035 STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 3P3
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Good afternoon,

Please see the attached invitation to a presentation that author Howard
is giving at UVic next week, April 2nd, on The Future of Learning
Disabilities. I believe that many of your staff and clients will benefit
from hearing Mr. Eaton speak on the possibilities that lie in the
connection between neuroplasticity and education and the current research.

This invitation is open to anyone who can benefit from hearing
about a future without accommodations and extra support. It is a free event
and all are welcome -- though registration is appreciated at

Current Arrowsmith Research Projects and Initial DataFriends and Colleagues,

Eaton Arrowsmith School is busy planning for our sixth academic year in
Greater Victoria.  We are thrilled with receiving referrals from a wide
range of professionals, and excited to be graduating students back into the
public or private school system with such positive results.

I want to provide you with an update about some of the exciting new
developments in research into the efficacy of the Arrowsmith Program, and
to invite you to learn more about what we offer students in Victoria.  We
all want EAS Victoria to be available to families for years to come, and
hope to get your support in providing cognitive remediation to students
with learning disabilities.

First, the *American Psychological Association* and the *Canadian
Psychological Association* have both approved poster sessions put forward
by *Dr. James B. Hale* and the BrainGain Lab at the University of Calgary
on pilot studies on the Arrowsmith Program (

We have seen some great initial data for Arrowsmith Programs both in

Canada and United States, showing that
the children in the pilot demonstrated significant improvement across
cognitive and achievement sub-tests (including short-term memory, auditory
processing, fluid reasoning, processing speed, reading comprehension, math
problem solving, and written expression).  We are very pleased with these
initial results, as they confirm what has been seen for over 35 years in
students participating in the Arrowsmith Program; we are looking forward to
further research into the cognitive changes seen in Arrowsmith students.

Second, we have begun ground-breaking studies on the effects of the
Arrowsmith Program on brain structure, function, and chemistry with *Dr.
Lara Boyd* through the Brain Research Centre at the*University of British
Columbia*.  In addition, *Dr. Greg Rose* at* Southern Illinois University
*hasstarted brain imaging research on students doing the Arrowsmith Program at
Brehm School in Carbondale, Illinois, one of the leading private schools
for students with learning disabilities.  We are excited to be able to
share brain imaging studies in the near future!

If you have a client with learning disabilities struggling with cognitive
weaknesses such as auditory processing, auditory memory, visual processing,
visual memory, working memory, fluid reasoning, social perception and
visual-motor integration, please consider the Arrowsmith Program at Eaton
Arrowsmith School Victoria.  As well, if you have a client who has not
responded to achievement intervention in reading, writing and math,
consider recommending the improvement of cognitive functioning first as a
way to better prepare their brain for achievement intervention models.
Barbara Arrowsmith Young's recent presentation to the Microsoft community
in Redmond, WA regarding cognitive intervention and the Arrowsmith Program
illustrates this point.  Please find it linked here:


If you have any questions about the Arrowsmith Program, please contact me
at (250) 370-0046, or plan
on attending our next information session at the school, to be held on Friday
March 7th from 9:00am-12:00pm.


We are also excited to be hosting Howard Eaton, Ed.M., Director of Eaton
Educational Group, on WEDNESDAY APRIL 2nd from 6:30-8:00pm at UVic as he
discusses the future of learning disabilities in Victoria, including
cognitive treatment and intervention options, based on the knowledge we
have about neuroplasticity -  the brain's ability to change and grow new
connections.  Come with questions!

Click this link: to
register via Eventbrite.



Jason Cruickshank, Principal
Jason Cruickshank
Eaton Arrowsmith School

Suite 200
3200 Shelbourne Street
Victoria, BC
V8P 5G8

Phone: (250) 370.0046

Fax: (250) 370.0034


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Event Poster

Inclusivity Workshop

Exploring inclusivity topics for UVic's diverse population.

Facilitators / Moderators:

Dr. Michael Prince, Political Science Dept.


Moussa Magassa, UVic Human Rights Education Advisor, Equity and Human Rights Office


This event is taking place on Legwungen  & WSANEC Homelands

 If you are a student with a disability and need accommodation(s), please contact us via e-mail: and we will do our best to ensure your inclusion and comfort.


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Congratulations to all the successfully elected UVSS Board winners

for 2014-2015!


You all worked hard and you did it!! Looking forward to working
with you all come May, 2014!

Sincerely, SSD

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You are invited to the Women's Centre's Open House, this Thursday, March 6th from 11am-3:30pm. All genders are welcome at this event.

We will have food, conversation, button making, and
poster-making. The Women's Centre Lounge is in the Student Union Building Room B107.

The space is wheelchair accessible, children are welcome, and bus tickets can be provided.
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