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Press Release: Autism on Campus UVic informational workshop.
Are you a student with ASD who may be going to the University of Victoria? Do you wish to learn more about what autism-specific supports are offered at the UVic? If you are a prospective student with autism, or a parent or guardian of a transitioning student on the spectrum, Autism on Campus, a free informational workshop, can show you what UVic support services are available to help meet your needs.

The Autism on Campus workshop will be held Wednesday, September 18, from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, in the HSD Building, UVic, Room A240.

Keynote by psychology professor, Dr. Jim Tanaka, Director of UVic’s Centre for Autism Research, Technology, and Education (CARTE) will speak about the volunteer opportunities, autism research, and innovations in autism technology that are available for students on the spectrum.

Lane Chevrier, a representative of the Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) will share knowledge about student-driven transition services for students with ASD.

Patrick Dwyer, facilitator of Authors with Autism, will share how to become part of UVic’s peer-support group for students and lifelong learners with autism.

Joseph Sheppard, founding designer of the Autism Skyward Program will speak about Autism’s Own, a peer-reviewed university journal and companion conference celebrating autism culture through the writings of adults with autism.

You will be able to learn more about course accommodations services from the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability, grant and bursary funding, medical and counselling services, recreation and food services, survival tips from other students with autism, career and writing services, how to navigate the UVic campus when having sensory issues, and much more.

Many of the speakers will be successful UVic students who were diagnosed with ASD. Autism on Campus is part of VIPIRG’s Dis(Orientation) Days workshops.

Joseph Sheppard:

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